Email to the Americans for Tax Reform - Taxpayer Protection Pledge

July 25, 2016

I received a letter from the Americans for Tax Reform encouraging me to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. I happily signed the pledge and sent ATR the following email.  

Thank You for sending me the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. I have enclosed an attachment to this email with the signed pledge witnessed by my friends of liberty. As a Libertarian, I am committed to the principles of freedom, personal responsibility, and limited government. The focus of my campaign is to point out that government is way too big and too intrusive into our lives. In fact, I have already pledged to the voters of my district and all Floridians at the start of my campaign that my goal is to make government as small as possible so there wouldn't be any need to collect one dime in sales taxes or even corporate taxes. Repealing the state sales tax will save Floridians an average of $3000 a year to spend it, save it, or give it away as they think best. Repealing the corporate sales tax will allow businesses to prosper and create thousands of jobs, and attracting more businesses to move to Florida. I urge all candidates and elected officials to sign this pledge as I have and work to reduce government so we can have the free country our founding fathers intended it to be. 

 Yours in Liberty,

Artie Lurie 

Libertarian for Florida State House District 90