Endorsement of Five for Florida Plan

June 30, 2016

I recently received an email from the "Americans for Prosperity - Florida" requesting an endorsement of their "Five for Florida" plan, for which I happily supported. Their 5 key issues fall right in line with my message of liberty and small government. Here is a link to the Five for Florida webpage. The following is a copy of the email reply I sent to them.

Dear Mr. Hudson and Mr. Zander, 

As the Libertarian candidate running for Florida State house of representatives in district 90, I am the only candidate that is running on a platform of liberty and small government, and it is with great enthusiasm that I endorse your Five for Florida plan! It is without question, the only way we can greatly reduce the size and scope of our state government. It is imperative that we point out how big our state government is and how much money it is wasting to our taxpayers every year. There is no dought that our state government doesn't work. It can't educate our children properly, it can't keep our streets safe, it can't keep our environment clean, it can't do anything well except recklessly spending our tax dollars. We must get our state government out of all of these areas immediately! Once we get government out of the way, we can repeal the state sales tax and cut property taxes in half, a savings of at least $5000 to the average family. The end result will place much more control over our own lives. Services like health care and education will improve dramatically, and will be much more affordable than it is now. Thanks again for all your hard work and effort into this important cause. 

Yours in Liberty, 

Artie Lurie

Libertarian candidate for Florida house of representatives

district 90