Questionnaire from CARE FL regarding the "All Aboard Florida" project

July 2, 2016

I received an email from Jane Feinstein, Chair of CARE FL, concerning the “All Aboard Florida” project. Here are my answers to the questionnaire. 

Q. Do you support the All Aboard Florida project?

Our state government doesn't work. It can't educate our children properly, it can't keep our environment clean, and it certainly doesn't provide safe roads. So what makes you think that the "All Aboard Florida" project is going to work any better than all the other failed government programs of the past? We need to make sure that all programs like these never get passed in the state legislature. It's way too costly to taxpayers and they never deliver on their promises.

Q. If you do NOT support the Brightline / All Aboard Florida project, what will you do to stop the expansion of freight and passenger trains if you are elected?

I would push for legislation to get the state government out of all areas of transportation. This would greatly reduce the size of our state budget, saving millions of dollars and placing control back to private individuals and businesses that do a much better job of moving passengers and freight safely and more economically.


Thank you for allowing me to answer this survey. I believe we share the same goals when it comes to getting big government out of our lives. Please visit my campaign website I would appreciate any support from your group. thank you.